Bowmar BRIGHT powered by NEUROBLOOM (180caps)

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Bowmar Nutrition is honored to introduce: BRIGHT powered by Neurobloom™. Neurobloom™ is a patent-pending product with a proven, unique mechanism of cognitive repair. A healthy brain is the first step to a healthy life and we are so honored and excited to bring this product to market.

Vitamin E- study finds: High plasma vitamin E levels were repeatedly associated with better cognitive performance. Due to its antioxidant properties, the ability of vitamin E to prevent or delay cognitive decline has been tested in clinical trials in both ageing population and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients

Selenium- study finds: Selenium deficiency correlates with impaired cognitive function (69-71)

Panax Ginseng- study finds: root extract that improves cognitive function, especially in association with attention allocation, immediate memory and behavior reaction time

Centella Asiatica- study finds: an herbal medicine proven to increase lipid repair

D-alpha-Icopopherly Acid Succinate- study finds: an antioxidant to help reduce inflammation which can cause cognitive delays and aging

Alpha Lipoic Acid- study finds: an antioxidant that decreases inflammatory and oxidative stress parameters in the brain

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