Mammoth Mass (15 lbs)

Flavour: Rich Chocolate
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60 GRAMS of High Quality Protein

OVER 39 GRAMS of BCAA's, Glutamine & Essential Amino Acids

12g SUGAR Per 4 scoop serving

3100 CALORIES when mixed with 2% milk twice daily

1250 CALORIES per serving when Mixed with Water

CLEAN CARB complex featuring Quinoa, Sweet Potato and Rolled Oats

HEALTHY MCT's including Coconut Oil

Mix 2-4 level scoops with 20 fl. oz. (591 ml) of water and consume post workout and in-between meals. On non-training days, take 2-4 level scoops with water in-between meals to ensure maximum growth and recovery, repeat until desired calorie count is met (do not exceed 8 scoops).

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