Top Nutrition Liquid Chalk Keychain (2oz)
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Top Nutrition Liquid Chalk Keychain (2oz)

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  • USE ANYWHERE, NO MESS - No dust, you won't inhale chemical fillers found in cheap chalk. Quick drying, about 15 seconds. Once dry, our liquid chalk grips won't rub off on rocks, clothing or gym equipment. Some gyms ban the use of chalk because of the mess, frequently in hotel gyms, franchise gyms, and climbing gyms. This product can be used in any gym as it makes no mess. Have safer hands and a better grip anywhere, anytime.
  • INCREASED PERFORMANCE - When you use lifting straps, you remove work your hands and forearms have to do to grip the bar. Get the same great grip without sacrificing training opportunity with liquid chalk. Prevents muscle imbalances and increases grip strength. Grip strength is critical to increasing your workout max, nailing your gymnastics routine or conquering the most rigorous rock faces. Great for weight lifting, olympic lifting workout routines.
  • LONG LASTING FORMULA - Stays on your hands for your whole workout. Stays tacky and keeps grip for a while. Have confidence in our product while rock climbing, weightlifting, power lifting, or during grueling gymnastics workouts.


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