Balance Disk with Hand Pump - 13"

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Balance disc with hand pump measuring 13 inches with an inflated height of up to 4 inches.

It helps with spinal alignment, improving posture, and increases intensity when stretching or doing lunges.

Use the balance disc while standing, kneeling or sitting. Improves balance and joint stability, strengthens and tones core muscles, and encourages proper posture. Smooth surface on one side, sensory points on the other. Vary the inflation level of the balance disc to change the level of vestibular challenge.

  • Large massage spikes for maximum grip.
  • Helps improve balance, coordination, and flexibility.
  • Relieves stress on spine
  • Increases intensity when performing squats, stretching, push-ups or lunges.
  • Hand pump included
Color: Blue
Dimension: 13″ x 13″ x 4”
Material: PVC
Weight: 900 g
Maximum Weight: 300 lbs
Hand Pump: Included

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