Pescience Amino IV (30 servings)

flavor: Strawberry Lemonade
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Amino IV delivers BCAAs, EAAs, electrolytes, and taurine. Since 2013 we have understood the importance of consuming EAAs alongside BCAAs, and through our careful processes have designed the flavors to be extremely refreshing and thirst quenching. Amino IV is most often used during training sessions, whether it be as a source of electrolytes, or a way to stay hydrated in place of a typical carbohydrate-loaded sports drink.

Drinking electrolytes is most commonly associated for their importance to replenish yourself during/after sweating, and there is no doubt about that! When it comes to sweating, sodium is the most important electrolyte to replenish.

Amino IV's smart electrolyte blend contains a modest amount of sodium, but we put a bigger focus on electrolytes like magnesium and calcium, which sports drinks contain little to none of. These electrolytes are vital in things like muscle contraction, so for the purpose of any type of weight training or intense athletic training, our electrolyte blend shines.

On top of this we did not use cheap forms of these electrolytes, which have low bioavailability and can cause bloating of your gut, or even have a laxative effect at certain amounts. As always, trust in us to use the best.

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