Quest Nutrition Protein Chips (Box of 8)

Flavor: Tortilla Style Nacho Cheese
Sale price$39.99 CAD
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Savory, snackable protein!

  • Enjoy more. Carb less: Quest protein chips provide all the crunch and satisfying taste of a regular chip. Only ours have 18-20g of protein and per bag
  • Crunch into complete proteins: Quest protein chips are made with complete, dairy-based proteins to provide your body with 9 essential amino acids
  • Salty, savory, crunchy: Quest protein chips are seasoned to perfection and contain no added soy ingredients
  • Baked, never fried: Quest protein chips are baked to provide You with the satisfying crunch you crave without adding oils to your chips
  • Comfort snacks for at-home cravings: Quest  protein chips are crunchy, salty, savory snacks to enjoy at home whenever your salty cravings hit

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