MuscleMac Protein Macaroni and Cheese Single Serve

Flavour: Cheddar
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  • THE FLAVORS - Enjoy One Of America’s Most Popular Meals And Feel Good About It. Now in Aged Sharp White Cheddar, You Can Eat The Pasta You Love And Maintain A Healthy Diet.
  • SERVING SIZE - One 3.6 oz. Serving Provides 42% Of Your Recommended Daily Protein Intake* And Is Also A Great Source Of Calcium. It’s Delicious And Nutritious. So Go Ahead—Make Macaroni & Cheese A part Of Your Diet.
  • INSTANT MEAL - Ready in about 3-1/2 minutes with mouthwatering flavors, Real Cheese with no synthetic dyes or colors, GMO free pasta with added vegetable protein and 20 grams of protein per serving
  • BENEFITS - Performance Nutrition For Active Lifestyles Delicious With High Protein Pasta For All Ages. Made With No Artificial Flavors or Colors. Our Pasta Is GMO Free And Fortified With Added Vegetable Protein. It Has The Taste You Crave Plus A Smooth Texture.
  • VALUE - Muscle Mac is a true value for High Quality Protein! Muscle Mac offers one of the best tasting lowest cost per gram of protein compared to most other products. Muscle Mac Mega cups are made in a flash and gives you 20 grams of protein in 3-1/2 minutes saving you time!
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