Mars Brand Hi-Protein Bar (1 BOX of 12)

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Flavor: Mars Bar Original
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What’s better than a protein bar? A protein bar that’s made by MARS Brand. These great protein bars feature the taste you’ve come to know and love from Snickers and Mars with a protein boost to keep you going throughout the day. With only 200 calories, you can enjoy your favorite chocolate flavor without the guilt!

Diverse sources of protein: When your body consumes protein, it immediately begins fueling your muscles to help keep you energized and moving. If you only have one source of protein, that delivery is over as quickly as it began. The MARS Brand protein bars feature a blend of diverse protein sources to fuel your muscles for hours rather than minutes, giving you the energy you need to get through the day.

Convenient size: You don’t have to carry around a giant container of protein powder to get the fuel your body needs. The Snickers Protein Bar’s convenient size means you can drop it into your backpack, keep a few in your desk, or stock your gym bag without taking up too much space. Wherever life takes you, take a Snickers Protein Bar.

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