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Smart Baking Smartmuf'n (3 pack) *KEEP FROZEN*

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Smart Baking Company™ is once again going beyond gluten free. Now, the company is changing the way we look at breakfast. The newest product, the Smartmuf’n™, is only 90 calories, below what the FDA considers a muffin. This delicious product offers customers a slice of “me” time with a decadent chocolate chip flavor—but it’s healthy. The Smartmuf’n™ delivers all of the benefits of Smart Baking Company’s™ other products.

Now that’s smart.

At Smart Baking Company™, we want to bring everyone to the table. Whether customers are gluten-free, on the keto diet or just trying to eat healthier, we cracked the code on healthy baking to provide something everyone can enjoy. Built with the company’s proprietary mix, the Smartmuf’n™ packs a whopping 12 grams of fiber and 9 grams of protein to get anyone’s day started on the right foot. It also boasts essential nutrients like calcium, iron and potassium. It is gluten-free, keto- and diabetic-friendly, low calorie, zero carb and non-GMO. With the Smartmuf’n™, we’re bringing everyone to the breakfast table.

Recommended Storage: Smartmuf’ns are baked and shipped fresh. They must be stored in the freezer and will last for 1 year if frozen. Smartmuf’ns can be thawed at room temperature or can be microwaved directly from the freezer for approximately 30 seconds.

Manufactured in a dedicated gluten free facility.


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