North Coast Naturals Ultimate Fibre Right (167g)

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Feel right with Fibre Right!

Unique 5-in-1 multi fibre + probiotic blend containing gentle-acting, easy-mixing, clinically-proven ingredients like Fibersol.® This dual-action supplement clears out the bad stuff with fibre while bringing in good bacteria for a light and healthy gut.


Soluble corn fibre (Fibersol®), Ground Canadian flaxseed, Ground psyllium seed husk, Pumpkin seed powder, Bacterial culture (Probiotic Bacillus subtilis DE111®).


Mix 1-3 teaspoons into 240 ml of any drink or stir into yogurt to nourish your body any time with added fibre as part of your normal diet - we suggest 3 teaspoons at least once per day.

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