North Coast Naturals Boosted Immuno-Zinc+ (90 capsules)

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Premium chelated zinc-rich immunity & antioxidant supplement. 8 effective and scientifically-proven ingredients that support immune function. Potent doses of the most absorbable mineral and vitamin forms used, with black pepper extract BioPerine™ for optimal absorption.


- Helps support healthy immune function
- Provides antioxidants for good health
- Supports healthy glucose & energy metabolism
- Helps maintain healthy bones, teeth, hair, nails, & skin
- Helps maintain proper heart & muscle function
- 8 better-absorbing vitamins & minerals 


10mg Zinc, 150mg Magnesium, 0.6mcg Manganese, 40mcg Chromium, 33.3mcg Selenium, 6.67mcg Vitamin D, 4mg Vitamin B6, 1mcg Vitamin B12 per capsule

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