PVL IsoSport Whey (840g)

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  • 30g protein per serving
  • Grass fed whey isolate & hydrolysate
  • Nearly zero carbs and fat
  • Helps repair & rebuild lean muscle tissue
  • Fortified with 1 billion CFU, shelf-stable probiotic DE111®
  • Added digestive enzymes
  • Zero artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners
  • Banned substance tested by Informed Choice


Whey protein isolate is the ultimate "gold standard" in protein as it contains pure protein with little to no carbs, sugar or fat. PVL ISO SPORT WHEY aims to be the best whey protein isolate powder on the market with ultra-clean grass-fed protein, and zero artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. Compared to whey concentrates, our ISO SPORT WHEY is a leaner and faster absorbing formula that mixes easily, tastes great, and packs a massive 30g of protein in each scoop. As with all PVL products, Iso Sport Whey is Informed Choice certified, so you know it's been tested for banned substances and is safe for all athletes to use.


We’ve now taken gut health and amino acid absorption even further, by adding in a clinically proven,1 billion CFUs of the shelf stable super probiotic DE111® in every serving. DE111® helps support healthy gut bacteria, a strong immune system and even improves overall body composition!

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