MuscleTech Clear Muscle HMB (42 Softgels)

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Muscletech Clear Muscle, 42 Liquid Softgels

This is a gamer changer time to maximize your results!
  • Contains patented BetaTOR, exclusive to MuscleTech
  • The most advanced muscle & strength builder available
  • Scientifically studied formula for Massive Gains

Clear Muscle Next Gen is a highly-concentrated, one-tablet dose containing BetaTOR, a revolutionary muscle-building compound. This novel metabolite and free acid derivative of HMB and leucine increases protein synthesis via the mTOR pathway, while blocking the UPP pathway to reduce muscle breakdown. With this unparalleled combination, the body enters an ideal state for muscle growth – making it the first of its kind, exclusively available in liquid pill form from MuscleTech.

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