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STEN X or scientifically known as Stenabolic (SR9009), is a supplement developed at Scripps research institute by Professor Thomas Burris.  Do not mistake it for a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM).  This supplement is a Rev-Erba agonist.  A study published by the Journal of Natural Medicine in 2013  concluded that the Stenabolic aided with endurance and obesity in animals.


STEN X or Stenabolic works by altering the user’s biological clock, according to the study.  Your biological clock is what manages the rhythm of your body’s activity throughout the day and night.

The biological clock functions thanks to Rev-erbA, which controls the metabolizing of glucose and lipids in the liver, stores fat cells, and removes dead and dying cells during inflammation.


The study found that rodents with low levels of Rev-Erba had a lower capacity for cardio, less muscle activity, and lower skeletal metabolism than other rodents. Introducing STEN X or Stenabolic into their diet improved their metabolic activity and cardio capabilities.  The results saw the distance and time they could run improve by over 40%.

The introduction of Stenabolic also saw the rodents develop an incredible amount of muscle over a very short period of time. It’s theorized that this change came about due to Rev-erbA introducing new mitochondria, while simultaneously getting rid of ineffective mitochondria in the body. Similar studies were conducted in France and the Netherlands with near-identical results.


If STEN X or Stenabolic can turn a bunch of rodents into seasoned athletes, it can provide similar results for you.

Most of the stimulants we use to improve our workout routines actually end up hurting more than helping. This supplement is one of the few ways to increase your endurance for a workout without damaging your body or the end results.


The purpose of cardio training is to get your heart rate up to its maximum capacity. That’s why cardio exercises often leave beginners winded as their heart rate will quickly shoot up to almost max capacity, while old pros can keep going for long periods of time. Most stimulants will effectively have you reach that max capacity faster, which actually makes your workout more difficult and less rewarding.


Stenabolic does the complete opposite of most stimulants. Instead of hitting max capacity quickly, Stenabolic will see you hit about three quarters of that, which allows you to push yourself without risk of getting winded.  The extra room to push yourself is what makes Stenabolic effective for both cardio and strength training.


Stenabolic can help with cutting body fat regardless of how much you weigh. The supplement isn’t a stimulant or a drug, so it cannot be abused. In studies, SR9009 was even shown to burn fat while the subject was at rest. Adding exercise significantly increased the rate of fat loss as Stenabolic not only increases the body’s metabolic rate, it also makes the body target stored fat.


Stenabolic is effective for both removing excess glucose and improving cholesterol levels in the body, which helps to burn fat quicker both during and after a workout. This means better results in less time.

Studies have found that treating  obese mice with a REV-ERB agonist successfully reduced fat mass and improved their dyslipidaemia and hyperglycaemia. According to PubMed, synthetic REV-ERB ligands could even be used to treat sleep disorders and metabolic diseases thanks to their effect on circadian rhythms.


Stenabolic can be stacked with other supplements, used on its own, or as part of a post cycle,

Stenabolic is great for cutting at doses of 5-20mgs per day. Combine it with 400mg of Primobolan a week and a small dose of testosterone.

For bulking,  take 5-20mgs of Stenabolic a day, along with 10mgs of LGD X (Anabolicum) a day, and  20mgs of CARD X (GW501516) daily.

For a post cycle or use on its own you can use the same dose of 5-20mgs per day.


Stenabolic must be used in a precise manner to get the best results out of it. You should be taking a standard 5-20mg dose of it 1 or 2 hours before your workout. If you exercise at 11am then you should be dosing at 9am or 10am.  The correct way to use it is dosing it at 5-20mgs 1-2 hours pre-exercise.

If it’s a rest day then it’s recommended you split the dose, having half in the morning, and half at night.


When used correctly, Stenabolic users exhibit no side effects of any kind.

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