Bowmar Nutrition MELT Powder Fat Burner (1 sachet)

Flavor: Blue Raspberry STIM FREE (1 sachet)
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MELT has 19 ingredients formulated to improve metabolic health, increase fat mobilization, and improve your body’s ability to oxidize fat. This product will amplify your fat loss results when in a calorie deficit.

Each serving contains ingredients to help burn white fat cells, amplify receptor signals, inhibit fat buildup inside of white fat cells, replenish electrolytes typically lost while burning fat, and assist in thyroid health and function.

In MELT, we have several ingredients that will improve the body’s ability to mobilize fat:

  • L-Tyrosine- an animo acid that is a precursor for epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. This can reduce stress and cortisol (which elevated levels have been proven to cause over eating and weight gain)
  • Caffeine- one of the few substances known to help mobilize fats from your fat tissues and can help suppress appetite
  • Capsimax– non-stimulant fat burner that can assist with lipolysis (breakdown of fat stored as triglycerides in fat tissue into free fatty acids to be used as a fuel source for contracting muscles
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract- contains various polyphenols that exude a positive metabolic effect on the body. In a double blind, placebo controlled, study shows a 24 hour energy expenditure increase by 4.6%. Full study can be found here
  • Theobromine- structurally similar to caffeine and derived from cocoa, it facilities browning (as described above). Full study can be found here.
  • Chromium- sensitizing insulin which makes your cells more receptive to absorb glucose, preventing an excess from floating around in your blood steam. Too much glucose in the blood causes fat build up in artery walls. Too much will also send a signal to the brain for more glucose (sugar) to correct the balance
  • Bitter orange- increases metabolism and energy expenditure. Full study can be found here
  • Let’s dive into the fat oxidation formula of the product:

    • Acetyl-L-Carnitine- an amino acid derivative that helps mitochondria to burn fat to produce more energy. Full study found here
    • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate – aids in maintaining healthy glucose levels and weight in already healthy individuals when taken in conjunction with a healthy diet & exercise. Full study found here
    • L-Carnitine- decreases amount of fat stored, also proven to reduce visceral (belly) fat. Full study found here
    • Rauwolfia- plant based molecule similar to yohombine but without the anxiety side effects, can help reduce appetite and blocking alpha-adrenergic receptors and enabling fat burning to continue functioning seamlessly
    • ksm 66 Ashwagandha- an adaptogen that helps decrease stress (cortisol) and increase testosterone in those who are active and weight train. Full studies found here and here
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