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THE GOOD CHOCOLATE VARIETY PACK - vegan sugar-free chocolate (18 squares)

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3 count each of Signature Dark, Mint, Salted Almond, Himalayan Salt, Ginger & Milk Chocolate.

*please note the Milk Chocolate is the only NON-VEGAN flavour*

Introducing the first bean-to-bar chocolate that is 100% organic and made exclusively without sugar. 

We are committed to using the simplest ingredients found in Nature and sourcing only 100% organic ingredients to make the best &lowest calorie bean-to-bar chocolate.

  • No Added Sugar

Did you know that there are over 61 different names for sugar used on food labels, such as Agave, Honey and Dextrin? The Good Chocolate proudly contains none of them.

Instead we use a curated sweet-blend that is 100% organic and sourced from fruits & plants: Mesquite powder, Stevia & Erythritol. We hand picked these 3 for their sweetness,  low caloric value, and very low to zero glycemic index. Erythritol has zero calories, a 0 glycemic index, is easy to digest compared to other sugar alcohols, and also helps prevent tooth decay.

With no added sugar, Theobromine, the long-lasting active ingredient in chocolate, can do its magic without interruption by sugar's highs and lows. Theobromine lowers heart rate, dilates arteries, improves blood flow to our brain, raising concentration levels.

It is widely accepted in scientific studies that cacao also prevents cavities. So the FDA allows us to say This product may help prevent tooth decay.

  • Eat Chocolate Not Carbs

There are plenty of good reasons to watch carbs from added sugar: reduce caloric intake, lower the body's insulin response, and avoid carbs without nutritional value.

The Good Chocolate have just 1 Net carb per bar, and less than 1 net carb per square in Signature Dark, Mint, Ginger and Himalayan Salt flavors.

Salted Almond has 2 net carbs per bar and less than 1 per square. Milk Chocolate has 6 net carbs per bar and 1 per square.

Net carbs are defined as total carbs minus fiber and Erythritol.

  • The Lowest Calorie Chocolate in the World

We cut calories without compromising flavor. The Good Chocolate has on average 37% fewer calories than other leading chocolates made without sugar.

We got rid of the 5 to 12 teaspoons of sugar ordinarily found in conventional chocolate, and discovered that this enhances cacao's natural flavor.

Even compared to other leading chocolate bars made-without-sugar, The Good Chocolate is on average 20% lower in calories.

We have yet to find any chocolate bar that has fewer calories per ounce. Nothing compares.

  • Low Glycemic Index

The Good Chocolate is perfect for anyone who needs to limit their glycemic load. Raw cacao's naturally low glycemic index (about  20), combined with the Erythritol's zero glycemic index means you can say bye-bye to sugar crashes.

This is especially to important to diabetics who are highly sensitive to sugar and its effects. Now you can also have your chocolate and eat it too.

  • Metabolism Friendly

Our sweet-blend is sourced from fruits and plants, and curated to be delicious and perfectly complement the palate's need for sweet - while remaining metabolism & digestion friendly.

Most sugar alcohols like Maltitol or Xylitol can cause bloating or digestive problems, and manufacturers are required to post warnings about digestive problems on packaging. Not The Good Chocolate. Erythritol, Mesquite powder and Stevia are much easier to metabolize and very digestion-friendly.

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