Rule1 Player1 Nootropic/Gaming Performance Booster (40 servings)
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Rule1 Player1 Nootropic/Gaming Performance Booster (40 servings)

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You’re in it to win it. PLAYER1 contains cutting edge nutrients to help you claim that top spot. Nootropics support cognitive performance, while carotenoids help guard against unfavorable impacts of prolonged blue light exposure. A combination of amino acids, mental energizers, and cofactors, including theanine, coffee bean extract, and b-vitamins, boost alertness and level headed focus to help put you in the zone. Game on!

PLAYER1™ enhances mental clarity and supports eye-brain connection with an all-inclusive blend of essential nutrient and clinically studied nutritional compounds. Helps support reaction time, coordination, accuracy, alertness, visual attention, focus, and reduced fatigue.

Main Ingredients:

  • 800mg patented noolVL® bonded arginine silicate
  • 500mg acetyl-l-tyrosine
  • 400mg choline (from 1,000mg choline bitartrate)
  • 125mg TeaCrine® (40%)
  • 100mg l-theanine
  • 75mg caffeine (from coffee bean & delayed release zumXR®)
  • Lutein & Zeaxanthin (from 15mg Lutemax®2020)
  • 5 mg huperzine extract
  • B-complex & antioxidant C vitamins

Supports you goals:

Boost your focus and performance with ZERO Sugar, ZERO Prop Blends, ZERO Banned Substances, and ZERO Limitations. Available in 2 amazing flavors – Gummy Grenade and Rainbow Respawn.

Good to know:

PLAYER1™ has more than one way to be used. Try using PLAYER1™ to sharpen cognitive function before your next big exam, study session, or presentation. A double scoop before workouts, practices, and competition also helps boost mental energy and reaction time.

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