Quamtrax Nutrition OH MY Protein Crunchy (400g)

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Oh My Crunchy by Quamtrax are small spheres of extruded crunchy cereal covered in chocolate; they contain whey protein powder and rice protein.

They also have no added sugars or palm oil and can be included in vegetarian diets. Available in different flavors to choose from.

Characteristics of the Oh My Crunchy by Quamtrax

  • Small spheres of crunchy cereal with chocolate coating
  • High protein content
  • No added sugars or palm oil
  • Compatible with vegetarian diets

What does Quamtrax Oh My Crunchy bring?

Oh My Crunchy by Quamtrax comes in a 400 gr container.

Specifications per 100 gr (white chocolate flavor), the values vary according to the flavor:

  • It has an energy value of 456.47 Kcal
  • It has 24.82 grams of fat, of which 14.87 grams are saturated
  • It has 36.49 grams of carbohydrates, of which 5.56 grams are sugars
  • It has 33.84 grams of protein
  • It has 0.2 g of fiber
  • It has 0.2 g of salt

How is Quamtrax Oh My Crunchy consumed?

Consume as a snack or as a topping in yogurts, pancakes and more

Fuente: https://www.moremuscle.com/quamtrax/oh-my-crunchy-86644.html

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