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Power Crunch Choklat (1 bar)

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Yes, you read that correctly -The Power Crunch Choklat Bar is not your everyday protein bar. In fact, let’s make the distinction – this is a chocolate bar with protein! Power Crunch Choklat Bars are the ultimate, flavorful, protein-rich candy bars. Designed to satisfy your chocolate desire, while still providing up to 10 grams of protein in the form of delectable crunchy crisps, the Choklat Bar is available in delicious milk chocolate and decadent dark chocolate.

Everyone knows about milk chocolate, but what is hydrolyzed whey? All protein we consume must go through the process of hydrolysis before it can be absorbed. High-dh hydrolysis cuts up large protein molecules into the smallest ones called di and tripeptides which are rapidly absorbed and transported throughout the body to feed hungry muscles, brain, organs and virtually all metabolic functions. Power Crunch Choklat bars are the only chocolate bars using this advanced protein super-nutrition to create chocolate Protein Genius. 

Treat your body smart and gratify your chocolate needs while fueling your body with scientifically advanced protein. Check in with our store finder and get your hands on Power Crunch Milk Choklat bars today.

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