Mountain Joe's Protein Brownie (1 brownie)
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Mountain Joe's Protein Brownie (1 brownie)

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This is no ORDINARY Protein Brownie. This is a Mountain Joe's Protein Brownie! This is the one we were keen to get our hands on the most because #brownielovers and all that!

All that traditional brownie goodness, thick textured fudge-like moist milk-chocolate brownie as we know it. layered up with that thick  fondant signed sealed delivered wrapped in unforgettable chocolate-goodness! Each and every bite bursting with brownie goodness giving some seriously indulgent flavor!! The VERY definition of brownies at their best! Pair it with your mid-morning or late afternoon coffee/tea, Pop it in the microwave for a decadent-dessert experience!!

Each soft-baked Brownie comes in at 240kcals (chocolate caramel) or 278kcals (white chocolate blondie), not bad Mountain Joe's, not bad at all! No halves, no quarters, no servings just one 60g brownie bar designed to help fuel your day! Size-able, snack-able and super satisfying! MUCH Lower fat and lower sugar than your traditional bakery-bought baked treat but EVERY bit as tasty!!

High protein and vegetarian friendly, don't miss out on the ultimate post-workout snack.

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