Mars Brand HI PROTEIN VEGAN Protein Powder (420g)

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Favor: Bounty (Dark Choc & Coconut) BEST BY SEPT 23, 2023
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…and just like that Bounty & Snickers Vegan Protein Shakes have have arrived!

If Chocolate Coconut or Choc Peanut are your jam them you'll be pleased to hear that Mars have done themselves proud with these...nothing short of delicious and impressively indulgent with an admirable nod to the REAL authentic flavour of their candy-bar namesakes (plant-based or otherwise!!) In fact, especially where Bounty is concerned, we'd dare go so far as to say these might just BEAT the whey versions! #youhearditherefirst

So, Bounty, what are we saying?! A RICH cocoa intensity infused with real-deal coconut powder give a creamy texture and that exotic coconutty sweetness you crave (no punches pulled here!!) If you're a coco-nutter we would STRONGLY advise giving this one a go!

Peanuts more your passion?! Snickers 'Choc Caramel & Peanut' mixes up thick and satisfying, just like the Bounty, and natural nutty flavour comes to the fore, with sweet staving off the savoury thanks to those caramel notes. Chocolate + Peanuts = *dream team* when done well... and Mars have managed just that!

⁠With 12 servings per cute, handy pack, these new plant-powdered shakes from Mars are a delicious (ever-so-slightly naughty) novelty and SO much tastier than we dared hope for!!

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