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Genuine Health Probiotic 15 billion CFU (60 capsules) BEST BY 07/2021

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Our NEW advanced gut health probiotic contains 15 strains that mimic human gut flora in an allergen- and plastic-free delayed-release capsule to deliver our probiotics straight to your gut! 

15 billion colony forming units (CFUs) for daily care.

Adults, Adolescents and Children ≥ 6 years: Take 1 capsule, 1-3 times per day. If you are on antibiotics, take Advanced Gut Health at least 2-3 hours before or after.

Designed With Your Gut in Mind

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  1. Diversity matters

    Multiple strains promote a healthy and diverse gut ecology. That's why we select 15 human strains in a balanced formula.

  2. Grown with care

    The strains are grown with care in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.

  3. Triple-purified

    Strains are triple-cleaned to remove toxins and weak cells for an allergen-free, stable, and pure probiotic blend.

  4. Guaranteed CFU

    We pack them with a generous overage of bacteria so by the time they expire, they still contain the CFU printed on the label.

  5. Targeted delivery

    We encapsulate them in a unique, vegan, plastic-free, delayed-release capsule that delivers up to 10x the bacteria to the gut.

Meet Our Capsule

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  • Tough & acid-resistant

    Probiotic capsules must survive the harsh acidic environment in your stomach in order to deliver the probiotic bacteria to your gut alive

  • Timing is everything

    Our capsule is delayed-release, and it’s vegan and plastic-free. It resists acid and arrives to the gut intact.

  • Proven results

    A human clinical study found that our capsules make it to the small intestine 45 minutes after standard capsules, and our caps deliver up to 10x the bacteria to the gut

Frequently Asked Questions

 Should I take a probiotic?

Yes! Probiotics can be recommended to virtually anyone – for maintenance of good health and management of certain conditions, from allergies to osteoporosis! According to scientists at University of Toronto, “Probiotics can be recommended for prevention of diseases that are associated with altered intestinal ecology… their use should be considered in patients of all ages.”

 Which CFU should I take?

We recommend going with a higher CFU during states of high stress, digestive complaints, or during times when antibiotics are used, but beyond that, do what feels best for you! Some people feel great taking 15 billion, while others like to “go big” with 50 billion.

 I eat yogurt. Do I still need to take a probiotic?

Yes, we believe you do! Did you know that majority of probiotic yogurts only have about 4 species of beneficial bacterial and 1 billion CFU? With advanced gut health probiotics, you get a whopping 15 human strains and a therapeutic dose of 15 or 50 billion CFU per capsule!

Whether from yogurt or a probiotic supplement, it’s crucial that the bacteria arrive alive! This is why we house our probiotics in a delayed-release vegan capsule. This ensures survival through the acidic conditions of the stomach. The bacteria in the yogurt might not be so lucky…

Lastly, consistency is key and it can be hard to get your daily dose of yogurt while busy or traveling. Our probiotic is shelf-stable and easy to take with you wherever you go!

 Why are multi-strain probiotics better than single-strain?

When it comes to a healthy gut ecology, quantity of bacteria matters, but diversity is equally as important! Different strains provide different benefits to the body, and multiple strains serve to support a diverse microbiome. In 75% of the cases where studies evaluated multi-species probiotic formulas vs. individual species, the multi-strain formula was more effective.

 What is the CFU at manufacture?

45 billion for the 15 billion advanced gut health, and 125 billion for the 50 billion advanced gut health. This is also indicated on the label. This overage ensures a potent product when stored at recommended conditions right up to the expiry date.

 Is there a difference between enteric-coated and targeted delivery?

Enteric coating is one type of method used for targeted delivery, but enteric coated capsules can contain plasticizers and phthalates. Our plastic-free vegan delayed release capsules are preferable due to their clean label and vegan stature. A human study found that our capsules survive the harsh environment of the stomach, reaching the small intestine 45 minutes after standard capsules.


  • Product Q&A 

     What is the CFU count at manufacturing?

    We want to make sure you are getting a potent product right up until the expiry date. That’s why each capsule contains 45 billion at the time of manufacturing. This overage ensures we remain at label claim or better at expiry.

     Can children take probiotics?

    Yes, advanced gut health 15 billion and 50 billion CFU are suitable for children 6 and up as is indicated on the label.

     Can the probiotic capsules can be opened and mixed in a liquid to be given to children (6 and up) or those averse to taking pills? Is it still effective?

    Absolutely – you can open advanced gut health probiotics up to mix them into a liquid or yogurt. However, there are a couple of considerations to make. First, advanced gut health probiotics contain some fibre, so they won’t completely dissolve in liquid and may have a bit of a taste and texture that some children may not find appealing. Mixing it with yogurt instead (as no dissolution is needed), may be a more palatable option. In terms of efficacy, mix probiotics with a cool or room temperature product – the less acidic the better – and that it is consumed immediately. This minimizes the probiotic reduction at this stage. In terms of ingestion, the probiotics no longer have the protection of the delayed release cap, so they are less effective but certainly more effective than not taking probiotics at all, or taking a product that is has less hearty and healthy cells to begin with. Lastly, if we say that one benefits from 100% of the probiotics when taken in our capsule, this drops to about 40-70% in food and down to 20-50% in liquid.

     Which CFU should I take?

    We recommend going with a higher CFU during states of high stress, digestive complaints, or during times when antibiotics are used, but beyond that, do what feels best for you! Some people feel great taking 15 billion, while others like to “go big” with 50 billion.

     How long should a healthy person be using probiotics at any time?

    Most studies show that the benefits of probiotics are associated with consistent use. Discontinuing probiotics will typically mean discontinuing the benefits. advanced gut health probiotic 15 billion, 50 billion and women’s DAILY are formulated for every day, on-going use.

     How will travelling to warmer climates and storing the product above room temperature affect the product?

    Although we have taken every step possible to ensure potency of the probiotics from cleaning the cells to packaging, storing above room temperature for long periods is not recommended. However if one were to take advanced gut health probiotic travelling, it would still be effective. Probiotics don’t like heat and especially don’t like humidity. We’ve built advanced gut health probiotic with delayed release, vegan capsules and individually blister packed each capsule to limit the impact of moisture from changes in humidity levels. In terms of temperature, the formulation is designed to withstand 24 months at 15-25C and still maintain label claim. Consumers who travel with their product in high heat and humidity locations should refrigerate it if possible, and bring along only the amount of capsules (in blister) that will be consumed during the trip.

     How can human strains be vegan?

    Although we use “human strain” probiotics in our formulas, there are no humans or human byproducts involved! These are identical species that naturally reside in our gut (and are acclimatized to the human GI tract) BUT the source of the original culture is so far removed from ever having been in contact with anything human. Bacteria is omnipresent in our environment, and can be collected from any surface, and cultivated in isolation from its original medium – without containing any traces of the original source!

     Are probiotics OK for people with SIBO?

    There is some, not a lot, but some research showing that probiotics can actually help with SIBO. It could be that they reset the proper motility of the small and large intestines, making it difficult for the bacteria to set up their camps in the small intestines…or it could be that probiotics actually displace the less-desirable, gas-producing bacteria from the small intestine. If you have SIBO we recommend that you consult with your health care practitioner to determine if this product is suitable for you.

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