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 SUPPORT POWER OUTPUT - Supports performance while strength training.
 SUPPORTS MUSCLE RETENTION - H.M.B. supports muscle retention while eating at a caloric deficit..
 PROMOTES PROTEIN SYNTHESIS - H.M.B. promotes protein synthesis which supports the increase of muscle tissue.


HMB (Hydroxy Methyl Butyric acid) is a compound produced when the amino acid leucine is broken down, and is naturally synthesized in the human body. Studies have shown that HMB promotes protein synthesis, a process that is important to the maintenance of lean muscle tissue.

When taken as a supplement, studies have shown that HMB may help support power output as well as retention of muscle when eating at a caloric deficit.

Recommended Dosage

Take two 500 mg capsules per day while participating in a strength training program in order to aid in muscle increase when eating at a caloric surplus, and to maintain muscle when eating at a caloric deficit.

Side Effects

HMB supplementation is non-toxic and causes no adverse side effects. Studies have found its use to be completely safe at daily doses of up to 3 grams, and higher doses are suspected to be safe as well.

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