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BNI Whey Protein Variety Box (4 lbs)

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We all know how bad plastic is for the environment. That is why BNI is taking initiative by reducing its plastic production.

BNI is has launched their new protein variety pack boxes which each contain 4 bags of 1lb whey powders of different variants. The carton from the box is made up of 85% of recycled material, which represents 60g of plastic as opposed to 285g for a plastic container that holds the same amount of product. BNI is also looking further into completely removing all plastic from their manufacturing for future products and packaging updates within the next year.

Contents of boxes-

  For vanilla amateurs, the box contains: 1 bag of 1lb vanilla whey, 1 bag of 1lb vanilla/caramel, 1 bag of 1lb vanilla/raspberry and 1 bag of 1lb vanilla/strawberry

For chocolate amateurs, the box contains: 1 1 bag of 1lb chocolate whey, 1 bag of 1lb chocolate/caramel, 1 bag of 1lb moccachino and 1 bag of 1lb cookies and cream.

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